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Internal Reserves

Businesses need an external, independent perspective on the ability to mobilize internal reserves to increase profitability and increase return on investment.


  • perform an organizational audit
  • make a scenario analysis of the company's financial and economic indicators
  • develop an indicative business development plan
  • implement Agile, SCRUM management technologies
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Regular Management

The company has increased and it is no longer enough just the direct leadership of the founder of the enterprise, it is necessary to establish system management in the company, introduce digital technologies.


  • team strategy session
  • develop a strategic plan for the development of the company
  • regulate and establish business processes
  • business automation
  • introduce a personnel motivation system
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Business Asset Management

A group of companies has been formed, which unites several business areas, it is required to establish effective asset management and balance the structure of the organization and finance.


  • strategic session with divisions
  • information audit for infrastructure optimization
  • optimize the control system
  • reengineering of business processes
  • digital business transformation

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Advantages of IGM

  • A team of qualified consultants and business development advisors
  • Experience in supporting organizational changes from starting a business to creating a large holding structure
  • The practice of introducing digital technologies into medium and large business
  • Access to international experience and industry experts from the IGM group
  • Experience in anti-crisis projects
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