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Projects Experience

Metalworking plant
Development of an organizational development plan for a former Soviet enterprise, taking into account the need to ensure competitiveness in the market.

Investment and industrial group
Restructuring of the management system with the separation of a central management company and the formation of a holding company to combine businesses in different industries.

Security company
Optimization of the system of interaction between the parent company and remote business units.

Agri-food complex
Development of a strategy for the development of the economy, optimization of the enterprise management system and the organization of a results management system.

Distributor of spare parts for agricultural machinery
Development of a program to optimize the inventory management system.

Gas Processing Plant
Development of a quality management system for compliance with international standards.

Large hotel
Development of a strategic development plan for a former Soviet hotel, with a change in the entire management and service system.

Furniture manufacturer
Reengineering of business processes and development of a medium-term development program for the company.

Investment group
Development of a business plan for the investment project "Production of scotch tape based on the BOPP."

Multidisciplinary holding
Development of a business plan for an investment project “Organization of a ceramic brick production plant”.

Construction company
Development of a feasibility study for the project “Construction of the Kempinski Residences”.

Production holding
Development of a business plan and support for the investment project “Expansion of the production of building mixtures and liquid additives”.

Mining company
Development of a business plan and support for the investment project "Development of the nickel-cobalt deposit".

Investment and industrial group
Development of a feasibility study for the project “Creation of a factory for the production of food packaging from cardboard with flexographic image printing”.

National company
Substantiation of the investment project “Organization of processing of varietal cotton material”.

Investment group
Development of a business plan "Organization of a plant for the production of pressure tanks for the oil and gas industry."

Sugar factory
Development of a feasibility study for the project “Organization of a pulp drying department”.

Production and investment group
Assessment of investment risks and substantiation of the project “Organization of the production of pasta”.

Pipeline transport company
Analysis and forecast of price growth in Russia and Ukraine for x60 steel grade strip.

Logistic company
Assessment of the potential of the warehouse services market in Kazakhstan.

Telecommunications company
Analysis of the possibilities of entering the operator services market in the regions.

Commercial Bank
Assessment of the commercial risks of a project for the production of marble flour and gypsum.

Research of the market of hotel services in the countries of Central Asia, with the development of recommendations for a marketing strategy.

Cheese company
Research of the market potential of Kazakhstan and development of a marketing strategy for entering the market.

Investment group
Evaluation of the market potential for online applications by calling the master at home.

Car maker
Assessment of the state and forecast of the development of the middle class car market in Kazakhstan, with the development of a marketing strategy for entering the market.

Energy corporation
Market research of coal chemical products in Kazakhstan, Russia, China, EU countries.

National corporation
Research of the potential of the alternative energy market in the countries of Central Asia.

Investment group
Research of the investment potential of the ferrous metals market.

Commercial Bank
Research of the residential and commercial real estate market with the development of recommendations for adjusting credit policy.

National Bank
Expertise of marketing / commercial development of an investment project for the construction of a gas turbine power plant in Kazakhstan.

Manufacturing company
Assessment of investment potential and development of a feasibility study for the project “Organization of an industrial construction plant”.

Oil refining company
Assessment of investment potential and substantiation of the project “Modernization of refineries and development of production of motor fuel according to EURO-5 standards”.

Investment group
Assessment of the possibilities of implementing an investment project on the basis of an object of construction in progress.

Knitwear factory
Development of a business plan and attraction of financing for the project “Modernization and expansion of knitwear production”.

Metallurgical enterprise
Development of an investment memorandum and support for the sale of an enterprise to investors.

Investment group
Assessment of the investment potential of the project "Organization of a network of cinemas."

Industry Expertise

assessment of the prospects for the development of alternative energy sources;
organization of a medium-capacity gas turbine power plant;
development of production of diesel and gas piston electric generators;
organization of production of low-capacity hydroelectric power plants;
production of combined wind and solar power plants;
creation of a production of silicon wafers for solar panels, etc.

organization of a gas condensate processing plant;
creation of an oil refinery;
modernization of the oil refinery with access to Euro-4, 5 product standards;
international certification of quality management systems of an oil and gas refinery, etc.

recycling of scrap metal and production of alloy steel;
production of granulated pig iron;
creation of long products production;
production of anode copper;
creation of precision casting production;
restoration of a metalworking plant;
production of furnaces for heating oil and tubular air heaters for gas pumping units;
organization of production of high-pressure tanks for the oil and gas industry;
production of metal-plastic profiles;
creation of installations for water desalination and separation of liquids, etc.

breeding of cattle and small cattle, horse breeding;
poultry farm for egg and meat production;
organization of greenhouse facilities;
gardening and viticulture;
growing soybeans, wheat and corn;
processing of milk for cheese, ice cream and sour milk products;
production of sausages and smoked meats;
production of sugar, molasses and confectionery;
production of juices, mineral water and drinks;
production of flour products and pasta;
processing of vegetables by freeze-drying and canning, etc.

multi-storey residential complexes and cottage townships;
hotel complex;
business centers of categories A and B;
construction of sports complexes;
production of dry building mixtures and liquid additives;
ceramic and silicate bricks;
cement and ready-mixed concrete;
paint and varnish products;
plastic windows and doors;
paving and facing tiles;
marble flour and gypsum;
chipboard and MDF boards;
heat-insulating materials from basalt fiber, etc.

reconstruction of a pharmaceutical factory;
development of production of liquid medicinal products;
expansion of the dental clinic;
creation of a medical center;
launching a foreign oncological drug on the market;
production of medicinal products for dermatology, etc.

organization of forwarding services;
creation of a locomotive and repair depot;
organization of a steaming and washing station for tank wagons;
rail freight transportation;
freight road transport;
sea tug services;
small aviation services;
organization of a logistics terminal;
warehouses with different temperature storage conditions, etc.

creation of a shopping and entertainment center;
organization of a shopping center;
expansion of the furniture showroom;
opening a bookstore;
organization of a network of filling stations, etc.

production of cabinet and upholstered furniture;
production of chairs and armchairs;
knitted products;
sporting goods;
introduction of foreign manufacturers of passenger cars, etc. to the market.

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For more than 25 years, our consultants have been accompanying the world's leading companies and regional firms, industrial enterprises, financial and investment groups, government organizations and private investors.

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Projects results

IGM consultants help clients achieve outstanding results with proven solutions and accumulated experience of participation in more than 3,500 projects in North America, the European Union, Russia and Asia.

Some of the customer stories are included here.


New breath of agribusiness
Agro-industrial sector

Transformation of the agribusiness management system, establishment of business processes, implementation of a system for evaluating results and planning. More details...

Choosing investment priorities
Construction industry

Analysis of the current position of the company, risks and opportunities, selection of priority areas of investment for the development of the holding. More details...

Capital for expanding production
Mechanical engineering

Preparation and defense of an investment project for the expansion of oilfield equipment for obtaining concessional financing. More details...

New level of metal processing

Development of an investment project strategy and organization of the sale of a new plant already at the stage of launching the first stage of production. More details...

Reasonable collateral price
Real estate

Development of a multifactor model for the development of the commercial and residential real estate market, calculation of a reasonable market value, segment forecast. More details...

High-quality analytics for management
Trade and retail

Automation of management accounting, implementation of an interactive online system for tracking results at the level of individual business units and companies. More details...

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